Registry Reanimator: recovery of registry files for Windows

Registry Reanimator

Windows registry recovery

Registry Reanimator is the utility permitting to check up and restore structure of the damaged registry files of Windows NT/2K/XP. Files are restored directly, including from under DOS.

Registry Reanimator it is applied in situations when the registry so is damaged that loading of operating system is impossible. Thus operating system usually shows "blue screen" or "black screen" with the indication of the damaged hive file name. Other messages without information on true reasons of failure are possible also.

Having loaded other operating system (Windows NT/2K/XP, Windows 95/98/Me or DOS) from other hard disk partition, CD-disk, diskette or other bootable device and having started Registry Reanimator it is possible to make corrections to source hive files, and at absence of access rights on writing it is possible to save file on any other hard disk partition or on the removable storage.

The following situation in which Registry Reanimator can assist - when operating system successfully boots however the local logon is impossible: the user profile is destroyed.

In this case the logon with usage of other account is more probable, or access to system hard disk partition on a local area network is possible. Having started Registry Reanimator it is possible to correct the damaged file of the user profile NTUSER.DAT which has the same structure as well as hive files.

The utility is designed in the first place for system administrators and users of experience in file and data recovery.

Important: for everyone who does not like to read the manuals!




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